At Cranfield we want to make sure that the outcomes of our research reach their full potential. If you are interested in how Cranfield’s innovative ideas and technology can boost your business, we would be delighted to talk to you.

Dedicated to solving real-life problems, we work in close collaboration with many organisations to turn ideas and innovation into reality. JDB电子游戏下载为自己的灵活性和创业精神感到自豪,并有能力将项目从概念到实际交付.


The introduction of new technology can come with exciting commercial benefits as well as risks. To encourage your business to take on new ideas and innovations, our licensing terms are designed to inspire you to take this leap. During the process we will work closely with you to maximise success.

如果您正在寻求特定的技术或业务解决方案,JDB电子游戏下载将向您推荐JDB电子游戏下载的研究 & Innovation Office who will provide support to ensure a smooth, timely and successful transfer.

Some examples of our available technologies can be found below.

Carbon stabilisation reactor (CSR)

A platform technology offering biogas pre-treatment from anaerobic digestion (AD), 提高热电联产电厂的运作效率,并尽量减少碳足迹.

The technology is a pre-treatment device unit for controlling the CO2/CH4 ratio in biogas derived from AD. Synergy between AD and CHP is maximised when biogas is methane rich (ca. 65%). Biogas with a high proportion of CO2 lowers the burning velocity, reducing power output, 热电联产系统的盈利能力和投资回报,同时增加未燃烧燃料和温室气体排放的浓度. The CSR device enables precise control of CO2/CH4 ratio through a unique phase separation and selective CO2 extraction technology, and can be easily integrated into existing biogas piping infrastructure, allowing for flexible biogas pre-treatment for the broad range of AD plants and processes, from smaller scale on-farm AD to wastewater treatment plants and all scales in between.

A priority patent application has been filed protecting the method to control the CO2/CH4 concentrations and its applications for biogas plants, 以及作为热电联产的前处理装置,以可持续地生产热能和电能. Cranfield welcomes contact from parties interested in exploiting this opportunity.

A novel surface jet pump apparatus for the oil-and-gas and process industries

Enhancing oil recovery under conditions of multi-phase motive flow.

JDB电子开发了一种新型喷射泵装置,可以从低压井中补充油流,而不需要单独的电动增压泵. 喷射泵基于文丘里原理,利用现有的高压管线提供动力流,在井口产生吸力, and are therefore energy efficient and, having no moving parts, require low maintenance. 现有喷射泵的一个主要缺点是,如果高压管道中含有液体和气体的混合物,它们会迅速阻塞. Cranfield University’s novel pump design incorporates a compact, 整体相分离器,使其能够有效地工作在广泛的动力流体条件下与液体和气体混合物, without interrupting production flow.

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High rate, low-cost, lightweight structural parts from composites


Researchers at Cranfield University have developed new capabilities for low-cost, high manufacturing rate, lightweight structural parts. This is based on know-how in design and structural optimisation. The composition, 单向纤维胶带的位置和方向是确定的,以达到所需的性能和尽量减少部分厚度. Weight, 根据负载最大限度地提高成本和刚度,金属镶件可以牢固地嵌入后续零件的附件.

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遵循生物灵感设计的变形结构有一种智能能力,可以在使用分布式传感器和执行器时优化其形状. In nature, 这种适应能力已经在许多物种中观察到:例如,鸟类会以一种复杂的方式塑造身体的形状和改变翅膀的配置,以适应当前的飞行阶段. 通过变形技术获得的激进的连续气动形状变化,可以在局部提高流动控制效果,提供显著的改进, for example to aircraft performance globally.

JDB电子的研究人员开发了一种基于“鱼细胞”结构的新型机械超材料, capable of achieving zero Poisson’s ratio in two planar directions. 将零泊松比(ZPR)超材料集成到结构层次中,可以适应和优化出色的性能.

当结构改变形状时,使用“鱼细胞”超材料作为柔韧的“皮肤”或包层,可以解决变形时抵抗形状变化的“刚度增强”问题, as stress coupling will no longer exist. “鱼细胞”超材料旨在消除大变形下的刚度增加,而不会对相邻部件产生不良副作用.

应用“鱼细胞”超材料为设计师提供了更大的灵活性,以创建需要大跨度的面外弯曲扭曲的应用结构, e.g. 飞机机翼在弯曲作用下,由于受伸剪耦合,这是一个非常重要的优势.

具有零泊松比行为的超材料可以非常有利于变形应用,因为它可以防止刚度增加和抗碎屑弯曲, which provides better geometric conformability. 用零泊松比超材料代替传统蜂窝可以解决许多结构完整性问题. 主要优点是重量最小化和多功能最大化,以减少材料需求和提高资源效率.

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Multi-point fibre-linked gas sensors for industrial safety and process monitoring


JDB电子开发了一种方法,可以同时测量多个点的气体浓度, using an optical fibre, with a single fibre-coupled laser and photodetector, by combining tunable diode laser spectroscopy (TDLS) and range resolved interferometry (RRI). 紧密间隔的气体检测单元可以沿着纤维的长度部署,并可以定位到单个气体管道,或在单个过程或其他危险位置附近提供多点气体传感. 有可能大大降低每个测量点的成本,提高寿命和降低维护成本.

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Spin outs

Cranfield supports investors keen to exploit our ideas and technologies through company formation.

如果你的研究需要外部投资才能在商业上可行,JDB电子游戏下载可以支持你成立一个分拆公司. We also have business incubation facilities.

If you are in need of a new technology or require research to solve a business critical issue, please use the contact number above, or speak to our Research and Innovation Office.